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Are you interested in having a life changing experience with Dr.Sameer at CCRS, yet fear it is impossible to manage due to your location? Too far to come over for a consult ?Fear Not! Many of our patients fly in from all over the world and you can do just that.

Here are just 4 steps to a beautiful you !

The Virtual Consultation

In order to make your dreams become a reality, YOU must take the first step CONTACT US and you will receive a virtual consult right from the comfort of your home.The virtual consultation allows you to share information with Dr.Sameer before you fly to India. The goal of the virtual consultation is primarily to understand your concerns, establish expectations, educate you about the surgery in question .

All you need to do is email us or even WhatsApp (@ +919833571333); clinical photos of the relevant areas, an indication of what your expectationwith a brief medical historyfor Dr.Sameer to review. Dr.Sameer shall provide you with a no obligation professional written opinion on your requested procedure, and we will send you the assessment/recommendation along with the estimate of costs involved. Please also note that the photograph assessment is only preliminary ,and it cannot replace an actual clinical assessment. Generally a surgery and the final surgery cost are confirmed only after the face to face consultation.

Decision making

We know its a big leap of faith prior to getting on that plane and we would like to assure you that you are making the right decision. To do away with any lingering doubts You could schedule a Skype consultationwith Dr. Sameer at a time mutually convenient. FaceTime with the surgeon will allay all your fears and lay your mind to rest.

We are lucky to have patients & fellow travellers like you who made the journey to CCRS and have been more than happy to share their experiences with the community on Whats more, they are even happier to talk to fellow travellers regarding their experience with us. Once you talk to them we are sure you will be even more eager to catch the next flight down to Mumbai.

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The Preparation

Once you have finalized your procedure details as well as agreed on the costs ,all you need to do is plan your date of Surgery.

You would need to get some pre-operative blood & radiological investigations done to determine fitness for surgery and email the reports to us. We can always do all the tests here if you plan to arrive by the morning flights and get the reports by evening the same day. However, doing the tests back home helps especially if you have any medical conditions which could impact your peri operative management. Secondly if you are on a tight schedule, it will save you a day once you arrive here.

You can book your surgery date by transferring INR 50,000 (approx.750US$) as an advance towards your procedure. The money can be wire transferred as per the details provided to you.

It is advisable to fly in on a Medical Visa and we can assist you with that. You would need to send us your a scanned copy of the passport , as well as the embassy/consulate address where you intend to apply for medical visa. We shall send you the letter of invitation addressed to the embassy to expedite your visa process. Please remember, visa processing can take about 4-10 working days and you would need to apply accordingly.

Arrival & stay

Let us know your travel & flight details. A car shall be waiting to receive you at the airport and here you are ! The doctor shall meet you for a detailed personal consultation as soon as you are rested and raring to go. Most of the procedures are planned on the day following the arrival date.

We have a 24×7 in-house facility and therefore encourage our patients to stay with us during the post op period. That way, Dr.Sameer is always around to see you.Nursing goes a long way in the post op recovery& it helps immensely if you are traveling alone.

We like to ensure that by the time you are ready to leave us, you are truly capable to fly back home without assistance. With this in mind we always work out package (at the patients request) with a 7-10 day stay at the clinic all inclusive, & everything taken care off. Food is ordered from multi – cuisine restaurants close by.

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